Downloading Your Images 

The following are instructions are on how to download your final gallery, It is recommended you download the gallery on a PC or MAC as the images are sent as a .zip file.  You can download Individual images on your cell phone or tablet. 



When you receive your gallery link and click on it, you will come to a page that looks like this. You will then select Open Gallery to view your entire gallery of images.



Once you are satisfied with the images, at the top right hand you will see a download button click that button to begin the process. 

download box.JPG

A box will pop up for you to enter your email address and also select original size. Once you have done that you will go check your email. It may take 10-15 min for the email to arrive. 


You will enter your email address for a second time and now you should see the file ready to be downloaded. Make sure to Save As to your desktop to help you locate the file easier. 


Once you have received the email you should now see a start download button. Go ahead and click that.


Once the file has completed downloading, You can now extract the images with whatever program you may use. I use WinRAR so I would just right click and choose the option Extract Here. You should now see a folder with all of your downloaded images.